The Ugly Truth Out There

Baby mattress manufacturers often claim their mattress is hypoallergenic (i.e. designed to minimize the possibility of an allergic reaction) or anti-dust mite. Many baby mattresses will say this and just as many if not all fail to show the evidence or valid testing as to how they can make this claim.

They will say that this is because the house dust mite cannot survive in their mattress material due to some untested assumption they make themselves or some dust mite myth they have picked up from other sources. On first reading, you think ‘that’s great, I can relax’ and not worry about asthma triggers with this mattress. But hold on! what proof are they providing to show that what they are claiming is true and actual?

Here’s the ugly truth about the dust mites in a mattress - what actually happens is that when the house dust mite gets into and onto the mattress, it excretes. It is this fecal pellet that is the allergen that can sensitize your baby to asthma or allergic rhinitis. Your baby is in direct contact with these poo pellets. For that reason alone you need to have a comfort cover that is very easily removed for regular washing which is another reason why the Pure Zees baby mattress is out on its own due to its very good practicality with an easy to take off and put back on elasticated cover. And then you also need a barrier to stop them getting into the mattress core and having a party.

Some manufacturers may use dubious dust mite killing chemicals. But ask yourself these questions - what other living organisms are vulnerable to these chemicals? and are they putting your baby at risk? Remember that a small baby is much more susceptible to chemicals and environmental hazards than an adult and the introduction of any chemical is putting a baby at risk of possible unknown ill effects. 

Other manufacturers make the claim that because of their wool, cotton, latex, coconut coir components, polyester and whatever else they may use, that the dust mite because of the dry environment cannot survive in their baby mattress. This is absolute nonsense. Dust mites do not differentiate between the materials they are populating as it is the millions of dead skin cells and moisture from our bodies that they are feeding off. It does not matter one bit if its wool etc. If there are dead skins cells around then they are there to feed. And remember that its the dust mite poo that becomes the allergen, so even if they don't like a particular environment and are just passing through, they are still leaving that allergen behind them. 

What it comes down to is a combined method of actually preventing their passage in the mattress and a way to eradicate them and their fecal pellets (poo) every few weeks to prevent a build up of these asthma and allergy causing pests and thereby keeping the allergen to a minimum. And this is where Pure Zees has succeeded. Our impenetrable waterproof and at the same time skin breathable cover to keep baby from overheating, stops the dust mites from getting into the mattress core in the first place. No chemicals used and no nonsense about natural materials keeping them at bay. Pure Zees just stops them point blank. and any poo they deposit is easily wiped off as part of a regular care regime that is easier than most because of the easy wipe and clean procedure of the impenetrable core cover and machine wash of the easy to remove "mouth breathable" comfort cover. 

The words skin breathable are highlighted because here again is another area where some manufacturers make false claims. Whether it is incorporated into the mattress or a separate "mattress protector" more than likely you will see the word "BREATHABLE" on the packaging or marketing material. If the material is actually waterproof you will not be able to mouth breath through it, however if the material is of high enough quality and of a particular microporous technology then skin will not be prevented from transpiring and your baby will be more comfortable and not overheat as many low quality waterproof covers can result in. The Pure Zees skin breathable claim is tested and factual. Our material has achieved one of the best RET scores (how microporous a material is) while being completely waterproof. This simply means that your baby will stay comfortable with their skin being able to breath while preventing any liquids from entering and ruining the mattress core. 

So even if your baby doesn’t have an allergic reaction, you still shouldn't want stuff like house dust mites, urine, vomit (and all that mess that unfortunately comes with our beautiful babies!) getting inside the baby mattress core. Because this ultimately translates into bacteria that we really don’t want anywhere near our babies. But neither do we want the chemicals that some manufactures add in the form of fabric treatments to deal with dust mites, bacteria and mold threatments e.g. biocides, as these could have negative effects that we don't yet know about. 

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