The Ugly Truth Out There

Baby mattress manufacturers often claim their mattress is hypoallergenic (i.e. designed to minimize the possibility of an allergic reaction) or anti-dust mite. Many baby mattresses you come across will say this.

If you dig a little deeper, they will say that this is because the house dust mite cannot survive in their mattress. On first reading, you think ‘that’s great, I can relax’ and not worry about asthma triggers with this mattress.

But here’s the nasty bit, what actually happens is that the house dust mite gets into and onto the mattress, and before it dies by whatever dubious chemical is used in the mattress manufacture, it excretes. It is this fecal pellet that is the allergen that can sensitize your baby to asthma or allergic rhinitis. Your baby is in direct contact with these poo pellets. For that reason alone you need to have a comfort cover that is very easily removed for regular washing which is another reason why the Pure Zees baby mattress is out on its own due to its very good practicality - we stop the passage of dust mites into the mattress core and we provide an easy and effective way to prevent overexposure to them without chemical treatments to the mattress fabrics. 

Even if your baby doesn’t have an allergic reaction, you don’t want stuff like house dust mites, pet dander, urine, vomit (and all that mess that unfortunately comes with our beautiful babies!) getting inside the baby mattress core. Because this ultimately translates into bacteria that we really don’t want anywhere near our babies. And neither do we want the chemicals that some manufactures add in the form of fabric treatments to deal with dust mites, bacteria and mold threat e.g. biocides and probiotics, as these could have negative effects that we don't yet know about. 

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