Why the Pure Zees Crib Mattress?

by David Power June 21, 2020

why pure zees crib mattress is better for your baby's health

Why the Pure Zees Crib Mattress?

Our crib mattress is the world's first ever to be certified asthma & allergy friendly® by the Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America. 

We always believed the baby cot mattress needed to be improved upon. Most are mainly made of spring and foam with little attention paid by the manufacturers to advances in materials and components that would allow for a better mattress for babies who have quite different requirements to adults regarding health and safety. 

Then there is the reality of unsubstantiated product marketing claims. Each year Americans spend billions of dollars on products marketed to us with all sorts of beneficial health claims, but there is no regulation on these claims. For example, any company can label their products as “hypoallergenic” or “allergy friendly” with no proof to back up those claims. 

Pure Zees wanted to be different and be in the position to say truthfully that all our claims are proven and true, and even better still, by one of the world’s leading advocacy organizations in the world. We honestly believe that our crib mattress has gone through more testing than any other on the market to ensure that your baby will be sleeping on a healthier and safer baby mattress. We have only one model of crib mattress because what we have put together is absolutely perfect in its design and its method that to have any variations would be pointless. 

Please take the time to browse our website where we cover all the reasons why we believe we have the best sleeping solution for your baby. The crib mattress is the most important purchase consideration for your baby because that is where they will be spending over half of their day during their early years and it is vital that it is healthy and safe for them. 

Pure Zees is new to the USA but we already have thousands of happy parents and babies in Europe who invested in our baby mattress, and they now have a confidence and peace of mind that they have given their babies a healthier start in life by decreasing their exposure to known asthma and allergy triggers which could affect them negatively for the rest of their lives.

David Power
David Power


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